About Us

I’m  Zafir Hussain . A student and a blogger. I’m a Fitness freak and a foodie .  I always had a zeal towards cooking and trying new recipes. Hence ,I decided to present my recipes through my websites to make cooking simple and fun. As I’m a fitness freak, my recipes include healthy food as well and my foodie side makes me include the other delicious recipes. My recipes are an assortment of healthy smoothies, protein pancakes and the delicious dishes like butter chicken etc.


Our Recipes

The recipes we post are our chef’s hand-picked recipes and are authentic and easy to make at home. These Recipes At first were experimental which now turned out to be tasty.


Our Goals

Our goals at recipes and more are to simply provide the best and easy recipes at home which can be made without any difficulty. we hope our recipes make cooking easy for everyone


Our Chefs 

Karthik Monnappa

Karthik is a student of IIHM and he is A finicky gourmand and Food philomath, keen to build a career in the field of food and beverages.